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Do you like me better blonde or brunette?

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Just wondering because there has been A LOT of talk about it around the office.  :)

Thank you for indulging my completely self-absorbed moment … kisses, StarGirl :)


Vagina Envy

Posted by nablogger

Earlier today when I was in a closed door meeting with StarGirl there was a knock at the door. Andreas, at that exact moment, wanted to know what it was like for us as women to have sex. He wanted to know how it felt to be penetrated in our vaginas. I was like “Seriously, you interrupted us for this?” But whatever, it was going to be a good one, I could tell. I told him it was warm and squishy and it felt good when the penis went in. I mean, what else am I going to say? Before I could elaborate or before StarGirl had a chance to respond, Lauren came flying in to discuss.

I explained to him that it would be a very different experience than having a penis because you dont really have any control of what is happening. I mean, of course, if a woman is on top, there is a certain amount of control, but really if you have a vagina, you are sitting there waiting for the penis to do it’s thing. I told him how much I wanted a penis because then I could just have all kinds of fun and I would play with it all day at my desk. StarGirl agreed that she really wanted to have a penis even if for just one day… and Lauren said she would fuck anything and everything if she had a penis for just one day.

Having a vagina is a very different experience than having a penis because you are at the mercy of the penis. The penis can come and go as it pleases and your vagina just has to wait. The vagina has power until the penis enters and then the penis has all the power.

Interesting conversation. Well worth being interrupted.

[For more on penis power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAwLYJYsa0A - Jarin]


Brooklyn Party Video

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