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Scarlet Red Awakens To Big Cock

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After a night of partying, Scarlet Red and her friend go back to her friend’s house. Scarlet passes out in her friend’s brother’s big comfy bed. The next morning, her friend’s brother wakes her up wondering who she is and why she’s in his bed. Scarlet is pleasantly surprised to be awaken by a stud so she quickly drops his pants and starts deepthroating his long hard cock.

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Scarlet Red Interviews Candidate In Multiple Positions

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Scarlet Red‘s sister’s ex-boyfriend, Bill, comes to her office for an interview. From what her sister has said, Bill has a big cock and is great in bed so she gets the bright idea to pose as the hiring manager (even though she’s really a secretary) and interview Bill for the position. She takes a look at his resume and mentions a qualification that isn’t listed – like how he sexually pleased her sister in bed. Scarlet grabs Bill by the tie and spreads open her legs and asks Bill if he really wants to the job. Who knew an interview could be so physically exhausting and end with bodily fluids everywhere.

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