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Horny Young Blonde Samantha Ryan Orders A Huge Cock For Dinner!

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After all these years Samantha Ryan finally gives in to her best friend’s brother’s requests for a date but when he shows up 45 minutes late she cancels dinner plans. Lucky for him she’s been sexually frustrated and ready to fucks Kurt Lockwood like a rabbit!

Watch this remastered scene to see the young horny Samantha Ryan ride her friend’s brother huge cock!



I Fought Samantha Ryan’s Seduction, And Her Seduction Won

Posted by nablogger

Samantha Ryan porn


Yes, foolishly it was my overzealous might & will versus Samantha Ryan’s statuesque body, exquisite face, sexual voracity and siren song — a force to be reckoned with.

But I read my loss as a good thing. Samantha and her scene were un-fucking-forgettable, and I was a sore loser only in the way that I was sore after masturbating so much.

Thank you, Samantha.