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Rachel Starr Shows Her Appreciation To Her Best Employee Who Is Leaving…. By Making HIM Cum ;)

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Rachel Starr finds out that one of her best employees is leaving the company. She really doesn’t want to lose him so she’s ready to show him how much she appreciates his hard work by sucking and fucking his hard cock.

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Hot MILF Rachel Starr Is BACK With A NEW My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend Scene!

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Rachel Starr is minding her business, sipping her coffee, when she sees her friend’s boyfriend Bill plummet from the sky, floating down in a parachute with a rose in his teeth! His girlfriend is supposed to be there, and he performed the stunt to show his love for her following their heated argument from a few days ago. But his chick isn’t there; Rachel tells him that since their argument, she decided to go on a date — with his boss! Bill can’t believe what the fuck he hears and is about to storm off when Rachel tells him how romantic he is. Bill opens up to Rachel and tells her he’s always had a thing for her and her big tits. Good thing his woman is on a date so he can fuck Rachel and tittyfuck her big tits!

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Rachel Starr’s Ass Left Me Starry-Eyed

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And just like that, I was dizzied. Nevertheless, it was quite enjoyable. I mean watching a big-bootied porn star like Rachel Starr seduce and fuck a married man at her home while filming it on camera is worth a trip to the hospital.

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