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What it must feel like to be a member of another company

Posted by nablogger

I wonder what it feels like to tell your wife, girl friend or friends that you belong to one of these generic porn sites.

I love working at Naughty America because I can take pride in what I do and what we sell to consumers. I can’t remember the last time that I spoke to someone that openly told me about their membership to another company. Don’t get me wrong, people always admit coming across other companies’ content but when talking about NA they always seem enthused to talk about the latest scene or how much fun it is to interact with everyone that works here.

If you dont have an NA T-Shirt, get one, wear it outside and you will be amazed at the smiles you get. I wonder how many smiles you get with a shirt from your generic porn site.

Wearing a shirt for an internet PORN site… weird.

Wearing a shirt for NAUGHTY AMERICA…great conversation starter:)