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Madison Ivy Teaches A Geek How To Please A Woman

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Madison Ivy thinks her friend’s brother is a nerd who doesn’t have any game when it comes to women of her caliber. She feels that he needs to get out more, relax, have fun, and eat some pussy. Since Madison’s friend isn’t home, she plans on teaching this geek how to please her physique!

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Madison Ivy Is One Naughty Girl! And How Could ANYONE Deny A Naughty Girl?

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Madison Ivy is house sitting for a very good friend of hers. She stops by to pick up the key from her friend’s husband, but she’s more interested in picking him up. Her friend’s husband turns down her advances at first, but one look at Madison’s tits and it’s over, he’s shoving his dick inside her in every position possible.

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Porn Star Madison Ivy’s Poison Overcumz You

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You really thought I was gonna let you off that easy? On a Friday?

Madison Ivy is fucking poison. Poison for your mind, emotions and cock. Good poison.

Just watch the poor bastard of a co-worker of hers in her new Naughty Office scene. Fucker can’t even go home without having to fuck her on her desk after the office closes. Rough life.

Anyway, it’s Friday, the weekend has arrived, and you’ve never been so eager to get out of the office … unless…