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It has begun!

Posted by nablogger

It has begun!! Reports are starting to come in from our Chicago party crew! You can follow the action on the Liveblog or follow us on Twitter to get updates whenever there’s a new post.

If the last party was any indication, this should be a wild and crazy weekend in the windy city!


Hilarious post on The Naughty American Liveblog

Posted by nablogger

I thought you fine readers might want to see this hilarious post on The Naughty American Liveblog about the upcoming party in Chicago:

I e-mailed her a polite pitch, along with an offer for her or her colleagues to interview any of the eight porn celebrities, and she got back to me, rather quickly, with the following:

“We are a legitimate new organization, why we would we ever want to interview porn stars…please remove us from your mailing list immediately. Thanks.”

Well, fuck me!

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