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Jessa Rhodes LOVES Big Dicks! She DEFINITELY Wants Her Friend’s Husband’s Thick Hard One! NEW MWHF!

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Jessa calls Van’s wife from their house because she isn’t answering the door. Jessa is there to pick up some documents for work, but his wife is still at work. She tells Jessa that Van is home and to check in the back. Van comments on what she’s wearing because he can see her nipples through her shirt. She tells Van that what he’s wearing isn’t any better because she can see his dick through his shorts! Van tries to stop where this is going but it’s already too late! Jessa tells Van not to be shy then kisses him and tells him that a little blowjob never hurt anyone because she can’t wait to have his big dick in her mouth!

Naughty blonde babe Jessa Rhodes has a thing for big dicks…even if the one she really wants to suck is on her friend’s husband! NEW My Wife’s Hot Friend AVAILABLE NOW!



Watch Porn Star Jessa Rhodes Defy Your Erection!

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Jessa Rhodes porn


That’s right! After you’re done watching this Jessa Rhodes porn scene, you won’t have any idea what just happened to your willy!

But that’s OK, because Jessa knows what she’s doing. As a natural tits blonde with a penchant for luring your cock toward her wet mouth until it hits the screen, she’s necessary evil in your life. Even in this scene, where she seduces her boyfriend’s son. I mean how wrong is that? If you said ‘So wrong that it’s right,’ you’re on the correct path.