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Chanel Preston’s Assistant Relieves Her Stress

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Chanel Preston is in need of a new assistant and a current co-worker, Jessy, has expressed his interest in filling the position. Chanel discusses the duties with him to see if he would be the right fit. One thing she is looking for is how he can help her relieve stress. His idea was to book massage appointments and spa days but she’s thinking more on the lines of him satisfying her sexually for stress relief. Jessy is 100% willing to help with that!

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Stockings Wearing Chanel Preston Will Do Whatever It Takes To Her Co-Worker To Get Black Friday Off!

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Chanel Preston really wants Black Friday off of work so that she can go out and do some shopping. Unfortunately, she has a big account that she has to close and can’t take the day off, that is unless her coworker, Ryan, does the work for her. He’s not really interested in having to pick up her slack, until Chanel jumps up on his desk and offers up her pussy in exchange. She drops to her knees for Ryan before shopping til she drops.

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Chanel Preston Shows Her Gratitude… By Dropping To Her Knees!

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Chanel Preston is really thankful that her friend and her friend’s husband are letting her crash at their place while she’s going through a rough patch in her life. What she really needs at the moment though is a towel to dry herself off after her shower. Her friend’s husband Mr. Pete brings her said towel and accidentally walks in on her naked. Chanel doesn’t mind, in fact she thinks it’s the perfect time to show him how thankful she is. She starts coming on to him and he’s a little hesitant that his wife will find out, but Chanel promises that she’ll keep their steamy love making to herself.

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Naughty Housewife Chanel Preston Wants To Fuck Her Husband. It’s Time To Sneak Away From Their Friend’s Wedding!

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Chanel Preston convinces her husband to wander off with her during a friend’s wedding. She convinces him to go sneak around the house. She has an alternative motive though. She loves fucking her husband in strange places. She sneaks him into one of the bedrooms and gives him the blowjob of a lifetime before riding his big cock. She moans so loud, hopefully the people at the wedding won’t hear.

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Thank You, Chanel Preston

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Chanel Preston porn


I love this girl. Maybe one day she’ll love me, too.

A big shout out and thanks to her for coming back to Naughty America to put out another bang-up porn scene in I Have A Wife.

Trust me, there’s nothing like watching Ms. Preston as a cock-hungry wedding attendee fuck the groom right after he’s officially become a husband.

Oh, Chanel.

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FBI Employees: Naughty America Serving and Protecting!

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Chanel Preston porn

Feds purportedly work with pornography in only one way: to do away with it.

But, evidently, they like to create porn, too!

Numerous FBI employees have been disciplined for sending sex pictures and erotic texts to fellow co-workers via government-issues phones, according to a story from Gizmodo, citing an internal FBI disciplinary report obtained by CNN.

Ah, a world in which federal agents tasked with raiding porn companies sending one another cock shots on their police walkies. Sounds like a porn scene to me!

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Chanel Preston Fucks A Big Dick By The Pool In Her New Naughty America Scene!

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Chanel Preston porn

Chanel Preston is topless, oiling herself up by the pool and catching some rays when her boyfriend’s son Mick sneaks up on her from the water and films her. Chanel giggles and tells the playful Mick to stop, but he wants his dad’s girlfriend to masturbate and play with her big tits for the camera before his father comes home, which she is more than happy to do. Slick Mick isn’t done, though; he won’t be satisfied until the busty brunette fucks him AGAIN before dear ol’ dad arrives. Chanel acquiesces without hesitation and with pleasure. Watch this My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend porn scene today!