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Brooklyn Party Video

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Post Script: Day Two, Manhattan – Brooklyn

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I woke up feeling like a pile of dogshit at 11 a.m.,… missed about 14 phone calls from Abbey Brooks’ agent…. Evidently, they didn’t get the address of the hotel from me, and I forgot to give it to them, so when she arrived at 5:00 a.m. and I had my phone on silent,… well,… she was SOL at JFK until they reached Mika Tan.

I felt so so horrible, but Abbey is cool and she didn’t beat me too badly when she saw me. We rallied the troops and went to get some pizza at a place called Pronto near our hotel. After chowing down, we took cabs to our hotel in Brooklyn, where we ran into Ava Devine in the lobby. (So sad she is retired!)

The staff went over to the 507 Bar and Grill in Williamsburg to set up. Ace showed up an hour late, as usual. We were kind of stressing at this point and getting back to the hotel, showered, and dressed – not to mention getting something to eat – became a race against time.

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Post Script: Day One, Manhattan

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Before taking the red-eye to New York, I met a couple of friends for a little sushi and sake before I got on the plane. Needless to say, after another 2 drinks on the plane I was out cold,… which, of course, was the perfect opportunity for StarGirl and Lauren to bust out the silver Sharpie and write on my fucking face. I caught them halfway through the heart they were making. Those bitches!

We landed at 6:00 a.m. and right after I changed my phone to EST I had a total blonde moment. I called the CFO of the company in San Diego to tell him we had landed. I forgot we were four hours ahead. What a friggin’ airhead!

We attempted to check into our hotel but of course only one room was available so we piled into Michelle’s room and everyone passed out wherever they could find a pillow. Incidentally, Leopard J. Ferry and Ace shared a bed. When I went to their room, the pillows were on opposite ends of the bed, but I suspect they spooned.

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