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Another week has gone by.

Posted by nablogger

We had a really busy week in the office, with Laura on her Safari – I’m sure she will be posting pics when she returns – and a full production schedule on set. Even though it has been busy we had the pleasure of welcoming some of the hottest girls to come work with us this week and Roxy Jezel was one of them. I’ve said it before, this girl is about as close to perfect as you can get and how cute does she look snuggled up on the couch before her scene?

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Sorry for the blog downtime!

Posted by nablogger

Ladies and gentlemen,

You may have noticed the blog has been up and down over the last few days. We had a problem with our version control system which caused some mish-mashery in the blog software. The issue has been fully resolved, and we sincerely apologize if the downtime has affected your workday reading habits.