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Naughty America Day July 3rd

Posted by nablogger

I have put a lot of thought into this day and I have to admit, I am a little concerned that my “big plans” for Naughty America Day might fall through.

Months ago… before the inception of Naughty America Day…. Andreas was telling us about how he had sex in the office after hours one night. He told us he did it on the conference room table and in his office and on someone else’s desk in the executive wing. At first I kind of freaked out at the thought of someone having sex on my desk and it not being ME. I shrieked and told him he better never dream of fucking anyone on my desk or near my office. He told me that it would be so Naughty America and so Naughty Office of me to do that… in someone else’s office. And then he went on to say he would be HONORED if I fucked someone on his desk.

And so began my quest about 4 weeks ago to find someone to fuck on my boss’s desk on Naughty America Day. I have a few people in mind, but honestly, I am kind of chickening out and the “relationships” I had cultivated with this in the back of my mind have kind of fizzled out. (see my blog about Sex, Dating and Flirting LOL) OK, let’s be honest… the sex part of that blog entry means that those were one night stands and I have no real desire to contact them for round two, even if it is for the good of Naughty America Day.

So here I am three days before the big day, and I haven’t found a candidate to do the deed with. I have a blind date tomorrow night, you never know, he could be a guy that I just start having booty call sex with.. or he might be a guy that I actually want to date. I guess it is not that big of a deal that this doesn’t happen on Naughty America Day… I can still be naughty on July 3rd and maybe save this naughtiness for another day. My plan for 2008 is to do something naughty each and every day and share it here on this blog.

Stay tuned.


Vagina Envy

Posted by nablogger

Earlier today when I was in a closed door meeting with StarGirl there was a knock at the door. Andreas, at that exact moment, wanted to know what it was like for us as women to have sex. He wanted to know how it felt to be penetrated in our vaginas. I was like “Seriously, you¬†interrupted us for this?” But whatever, it was going to be a good one, I could tell. I told him it was warm and squishy and it felt good when the penis went in. I mean, what else am I going to say? Before I could elaborate or before¬†StarGirl had a chance to respond, Lauren came flying in to discuss.

I explained to him that it would be a very different experience than having a penis because you dont really have any control of what is happening. I mean, of course, if a woman is on top, there is a certain amount of control, but really if you have a vagina, you are sitting there waiting for the penis to do it’s thing. I told him how much I wanted a penis because then I could just have all kinds of fun and I would play with it all day at my desk. StarGirl agreed that she really wanted to have a penis even if for just one day… and Lauren said she would fuck anything and everything if she had a penis for just one day.

Having a vagina is a very different experience than having a penis because you are at the mercy of the penis. The penis can come and go as it pleases and your vagina just has to wait. The vagina has power until the penis enters and then the penis has all the power.

Interesting conversation. Well worth being interrupted.

[For more on penis power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAwLYJYsa0A - Jarin]