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Naughty Alexis Adams Is A Horny Babe And Begs To Get Fucked In The Library!

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Alexis Adams is reading a hot and steamy romance book in the secluded part of the library when she notices that Gavin wanders by the area. Alexis is super horny after reading the book and just wants a fat dick inside of her. Luckily, she is in the secluded area of the library where she could seduce Gavin into fucking her without worrying about people walking in on them.


Cheating Alexis Adams Wants To Know If Johnny Can Fuck Like The Rumors She’s Heard…So She Decides To Find Out For Herself

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Alexis Adams heard a rumor that her boyfriend’s friend, Johnny, has a huge cock and knows how to fuck. Lately, Alexis’ boyfriend hasn’t been satisfying her in bed so she calls Johnny over to see what all the fuss is about. Johnny is reluctant to fuck Alexis, seeing as she is his friend’s girl, but he let’s his ego get the best of him and shows her that he can live up to the rumors.

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Alexis Adams Is A Naughty Lingerie Model

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Alexis SFW 1


Alexis Adams is a hot lingerie model with her eyes set on her friend’s brother, Danny. He doesn’t believe shes a lingerie model so to prove it to him she strips down to her bra and panties. He can’t believe that he’s never noticed how hot she was until now. Seeing her in her underwear makes him wild and hard and jumps on the opportunity to wet his willy.

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Alexis Adams Gets Kinky With Friends Husband

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Alexis Adams is hot and horny to fuck her friend’s husband Karlo Karrera. Naked and ready to fuck, she proceeds to take advantage of Karlo passed out on her bed. He awakens with a surprise as she strokes his morning wood. He knows its a bad idea but what can you do when a sexy girl is willing and ready to fuck. Alexis assures him that the house is empty and that his wife will never find out, so he goes along with it and goes to town on Alexis’ pussy before busting all over her tits.

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Alexis Adams Can’t Fight Back The Urge To Fuck Her Boyfriend’s Son

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Alexis Adams has a thing for her boyfriend’s son. So much so that she watches him change without his knowledge, but she finally gets caught. Well her boyfriend’s son doesn’t mind too much seeing as he watches her change as well. They take the next logical step and run to the bedroom to fuck. They know it’s wrong but it feels so right.

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HOT and YOUNG Alexis Adams Starts The Day With A HARD COCK!

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Alexis comes in early from work after a late night out and decides to change at her cubicle. Her co-worker Giovanni also decided to show up early and came in through the back door while catching a glimpse of Alexis changing. After she’s dressed he lets himself be known and that he was standing there long enough to see her half naked. Well, since they’re both early and no one is going to be coming in for a while, Alexis decides would rather have a hard cock than coffee in the morning.

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Alexis Adams Has Some Lucky Tits! They Win Money AND Cock! NEW SCENE!

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Bill’s in a dire situation: he’s got at lot of money riding on the game, and things are down to the minute and aren’t looking good. His sister’s friend Alexis Adams is hangin’ around the house bothering him while she’s waiting for her, and he tries to shoo her away but she’s going nowhere. He explains how important the game is to him, so when she offers him to rub her “lucky boob” so his team wins, he figures what the hell, and gives that titty a pet. Turns out her tits are good luck, ’cause Bill’s team wins the game and he banks $700! Alexis wants to get a little lucky, too, so she pulls down her friend’s brother’s pants and shoves his big dick in her mouth! She rides his dick like he rode the bet … everyone wins!

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Naughty America Newbie Alexis Adams Debuts By Fucking A Married Man!

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Alexis Adams porn



Ah, there’s nothing like the sweet sounds of a young blonde starlet getting fucked in her first Naughty America scene.

Alexis Adams wastes no time in getting to the point when she asks her married maintenance man to take a shower with her, which is exactly what we like here at Naughty America. No beating around the bush.

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