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Jamie Huxley Gives Foreigner American Pie

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jamie SFW


Jamie Huxley is letting her friend’s brother stay at her place while vacationing in the states. He’s from Europe and wants to play a game with Jamie, its called “show me yours, I’ll show you mine”. Jamie is on board and willing to play. She takes the initiative pulling his cock out and giving him a wet american blow job. It ends in an explosive load in her mouth and she swallows every drop!

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Charlie James Has A Classroom Fuck Buddy

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charliejamesremvert SFW


Its Charlie James‘s first day on the job and low and behold, the first student to walk in her classroom is her old fuck buddy. He’s early to class and hormones are already pumping through the two of them so they lock the door and have a quickie all over the classroom. She’s gonna have to get cleaned up though because the aftermath of their fuckfest left her with cum all over her face, neck, and chest!

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Allison Kilgore Gives Student Alternative To Flunking

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James is a terrible student. He rarely shows up to class, doesn’t turn in assignments, and thinks he deserves to pass. Professor Allison Kilgore gives him an ultimatum – fail the class or satisfy her wet pussy. Looks like James got off EXTREMELY lucky!

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Trina Michaels Fucks Her Friend’s Sleazy Brother

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Trina Michaels stops by her friend’s house to see if she wants to go to the mall. Unfortunately, she’s not home but her sleazy brother, Barry, is. Barry invites her to hit some balls around the tennis court but those aren’t the balls she likes to play with. Barry puts the moves on his sister’s friend whom is easily aroused and fucks the shit out of her. She even takes his load all over her pierced tongue.

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Charlee Chase Handles Liar & Cheat

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Professor Charlee Chase is upset with her student Will. First off, she found out he lied about having to attend a funeral to get out of a test, then she caught him cheating during the make up test! But, being the horny cougar she is, she decides to give him one of two choices, go to the Dean’s office to report his actions, or satisfy her tight pussy and give her the facial shes been wanting!

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Daisy Marie Gives Special Oral Examination

Posted by heysailor

daisyremhor SFW


Gary has a cavity and wants Daisy Marie to check it out, but it turns out he lied, he just wanted to spend some time with her because she’s really hot and wants to hook up with her. He shares his feelings with her and she is very flattered. Daisy thinks that’s really sweet and she’s going to do more than examine his cavity.

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Sara Jay Teaches “Fucking” Math Lesson

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sara SFW


Sara Jay invited a student for a private math tutor session. She instructs him to meet her at the faculty showers so she can seduce him and get what she really wants from him – a hard cock and some cum. He shows up while she is still in the shower. Little did he know that Ms. Jay wanted to be fresh and clean for the “fucking” math lesson. This is a math lesson the student will never forget.

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Taylor Tilden Rides Cock For Ride Home

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scarlet SFW


Taylor Tilden got ditched by her friend and needs a ride home. She wakes up her friend’s brother, Charles, and demands a ride home. The only way Charles is willing to give her a ride is if he rides her tight pussy. She’s hot and horny and willing to do anything – plus she’s had a thing for Charles anyway, so its a win-win for her.

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Earn An Easy ‘A’ With Professor Mika Tan

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mika sfw


When it comes to earning an ‘A’ in Professor Mika Tan‘s class, you can either study hard or fuck hard. Mika has dubbed this the “pass for ass” option so when John misses a week of class, he can either study or fuck the teacher. Of course he chooses to fuck her, who wouldn’t choose that option?!?

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Lisa DeMarco Helps Out A College Student

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Alex’s parents won’t pay for art school. He needs Financial Aid but since his parents make too much money, he’s declined. Thats when he decides to see counselor, Lisa DeMarco, to see if she can help pull some strings. She knows they can figure something out about a scholarship, especially after she sees his skills and the size of his paintbrush.

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