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How do you watch Naughty America?

Posted by nablogger

How much Naughty America is enough?

Personally, I go through a few videos each night when watching our content. It takes me about 3 to 4 scenes before I figure out what I like. Sometimes I will jump to the end of a scene and work backwards. If the sex is hot, the story is probably the foundation for a great scene.

How do you find out which scenes you like?


Why I like the 5 minute versions of our videos.

Posted by nablogger

When it comes time to picking what videos you are going to watch for your viewing pleasure, I think there is a process of figuring out which video is right for you.

We feel our 5 minute versions of the videos are great for giving you a sample of what is being offered in the full video. There are so many scenes on Naughty America that you would never know are good because it takes much longer to download the full 30 minute versions. We also try to keep the story in the 5 minute versions to give you a better sense of what the full scene is like, and don’t necessarily make it all about the goodies :)

I think 1 minute versions might also be good to have in the future, would you like to see something like this?




Posted by nablogger

Without getting into too many details I wanted to tell you that we are down in South America shooting right now and gettting some really hot stuff for LAD, IHW, MFHM, MSHF and FTNA. These girls are babes! I am down here with Yesenia our PM, Eric Masterson our director, Brian the tech geek, and our photographer Rudy. Male talent on the trip was Eric Swiss, Charles Dera, Chris Johnson and Christian. We are pigging out on yummy bloody steak, enjoying some great red wine, and the boys are fucking some hot girls who dont speak much English at all. It is really a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Today is Yesenia’s birthday but the silly girl that she is went out last night at midnight to celebrate early and now is feeling a little under the weather. I will be celebrating in her honor tonight!