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Blake Lovely Sneaks Her Boyfriend Into Her Dorm Room

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blake SFW


Blake Lovely sneaksĀ her boyfriend, Preston, into her dorm room so that he can help her study. It’s an all girls school so he’s not not suppose to be there. Studying is the last thing on Preston’s mind; he just wants to unwind with the help of Blake’s pussy. They strike a deal – a quick blowjob then back to studying, but once things start to get hot and steamy, its hard not to fuck and cum all over some big natural tits.

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Something special in the works

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Happy Naughty America Day!

Our code monkeys have been locked in their darkened cages, living on nothing but Red Bull and caffeinated gum and working hard on a brand new product called Naughty America Direct. It’s all very secret right now, but if you’d like to get in on a sneak peek beta go to and sign up for an invite. We’ll be sending them out over the next few weeks on a first come, first served basis.

In the meantime, here are some teaser screenshots:

Stay tuned to the blog or follow us at for updates!


Get notified of new scenes via Twitter!

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A lot of our members have requested easier and better ways to be alerted to new scene releases, so now you can follow na_updates on Twitter and have new scene releases sent to your mobile phone, Google Talk, or desktop twitter client!

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