December 16 2009 Live with Lauren

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Sexy porn star Savannah Stern shows off her nice round ass.

Beautiful Savannah Stern on Live

There are still hot scenes to be seen from Naughty Athletics. We talked about some of the stuff mentioned from "101 sensual things not everyone should know" and we kicked back and relaxed with Savannah Stern and Kylee Reese.

I am really enjoying the task of checking out each of our sites picking my favorite scenes. I am working on Naughty Athletics right now. You just can’t miss part 3 of Naughty Athletics tomorrow. Nothing better than naughty chicks exercising and building up a sweat sucking dick and fucking!

We talked about the best ways to let your partner know they need to improve in bed. How do you do it? Are you brutally honest? Are you gentle?

We also discussed sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life. We talked about ways to spice it up. Please tune into to get some pointers and hear the funny debates!

Savannah Stern is just so charming and beautiful. She is very clever and has grand dreams for herself. Savannah is planning on going back to school to graduate as an interior designer. Savannah likes to have sex on screen for many reasons: she gets off on the freedom, the money and the people just to name a few.

We talked about her family as well as her love life. Savannah’s family is very understanding in her career choice and so is her significant other. Savannah is planning on getting her knockers a little bit bigger. I personally think she should keep them as nature made them; but I’ll still love her anyhow! If you would like to see more of Savannah, click here.

Kylee Reese was here today as well. Last time Kylee was here she was there was somebody new in her life. It is 4 months later and these two are having a ball! Kylee also told us she was planning on getting bigger tits in February. We love Kylee how she is but once again, this can only be an improvement on perfection.

Kylee and Savannah both did the LWL fashion show, it was a blast. If you would like to see more of this hottie, click here.

Thanks again, Andrew for the wine and the gift basket.

Hope to see you back tomorrow, we will get to enjoy Capri Cavalli, Jessica Lynn and Nicole Ray.