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NBA Atlanta Hawks Dancer Brandy Blair on Naughty America in New Adult Scene

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New porn star Brandy Blair spreads her pussy as she waits for a big dick.

Brandy Blair, a former Atlanta Hawks Dancer (formerly known as Briana) features in the most recent My Wife’s Hot Friend Porn scene released Friday November 20 on Naughty America.

Brandi had always fantasized about moving to the Los Angeles area and four months ago when her contract with the Atlanta Hawks ended, she did just that.

Brandy originally planned on continuing her dancing career and furthering her modeling experience. However, soon after arriving in Los Angeles, she was at a test shoot for Playboy Magazine when she met her current agent.

"I’ve always been pretty open minded," said Blair, "even though I had always been reserved sexually, I thought I’d give it a try".I had never even posed nude before and all of the sudden I saw this whole other side of myself that I had never seen. It has been a very liberating experience".

She said that her extensive dance training has helped her immensely in the XXX Industry. She is very aware of her body, her movements and her camera angles.

Brandy says that her admirers and friends back home just found out about her new profession in the Porn Industry on Wednesday of this week when a radio station in Georgia broke the news.

She says everyone she knows has been supportive and the response has been very positive. Now that she has made her first few scenes for the top websites in the industry and she has begun acquiring a new fan base, she is more than excited to see where this new career takes her.

She had no expectations when she began acting, but now she sees that she is very good at what she does. In the near future, Brandy plans to host her own website and begin feature dancing very soon.

Brandy said, "I’m doing this because I enjoy it. I’m satisfied and I’m proud to show my work".

Here’s your first look at Brandy Blair in My Wife’s Hot Friend.


Big Tits Porn Star Nikki Benz Stars in New Porn Scene: Naughty Office

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Nikki Benz spreading her tight pussy for a big cock.

Adult Sensation Nikki Benz, Penthouse centerfold and cover model, stars in a brand new Naughty America Adult scene today, Naughty Office.

Nikki is a fan favorite at Naughty America, has attended many Naughty America events and is very active with her admirers on the Naughty Country Club Forum.

She is definitely a star that enjoys making her admirers a part of her daily life. In her last scene, fans agreed "Nikki is the HOTTEST" and "She is Awesome!!!" Download Nikki’s New Porn scene, Naughty Office, today and look at her give an employee a shift he won’t soon forget.


November 20th, 2009 Live with Lauren

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Dani Jensen getting cum on her small tits and tight body.

Happy Friday, everybody!

We continued to look at my favorite scenes from "My Sister’s Hot Friend." We also got deep into a conversation from a few inserts from 101 naughty acts NOT everyone should know how to do. Dani Jensen, Diana Doll and Isis Taylor were here too.

My Sister’s Hot Friend: Revisited

I am slowly but surely getting through MSHF, today was part 3. I enjoyed all the scenes that we have checked out so far, please tune in on Monday for part 4.

Hot Topics

We talked about underwater sex. It seems that most of agreed that if you are submerged that it’s not fun but shower sex on the other hand is a awesome time.

We also got very deep into the cure for impotence. This was a very interesting topic. Many men said that they do have this problem. Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing subject to talk about but it does affect as many as 40% of males the age of 65 and older.

In all actuality, you may not suffer from this but have a high level of stress or anxiety. Take the "stamp test" which is lick and stick postage stamps around the shaft of your cock before you go to sleep. If the perforations are torn in the morning, this indicates that, as is normal,you have experienced woodies during the night. We can discuss on LWL.

Sizzling XXX Star Interviews

Dani Jensen has made it into my pocket, if you are regular on LWL you know what I’m talking about. I really like Dani, she is so easy to talk to. Dani is 21 years old and has been in the XXX business for 1 year. This will be Dani’s first time at AVN in Las Vegas, come out and meet her! In the mean time, watch her at Naughty America.

Diana Doll is damn cute. Diana spoke to all of us in Slovak, it was really cool. I would have to say Diana has some incredible silicone free jugs. Please see all of Diana Doll right here!

Last up was Isis Taylor. She is so hot. Isis is Peruvian, Israeli and Scottish. She was raised in the San Fernando Valley, destined to be in the XXX biz. She exudes sensuality. We currently have one scene featuring her, watch it right here.

Tune in on Monday and get to know Dana DeArmond, Brynn Tyler and Tessa Taylor.

Have a nice weekend



Here’s a clip of Dani Jensen having sex at the office in Live Naughty Secretary.


Newly Remastered Hardcore Classic Porn Scenes Available Tonight!

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Porn star Carmella Bing loves fucking this computer nerd.

Two newly remastered hardcore classic adult scenes will be released this evening for you to check out all weekend long.

The two adult scenes that we have re-encoded and are now offering new download options are Tory Lane’s first My Sister’s Hot Friend scene and Carmella Bing’s first Naughty Office scene.

Naughty American MMA Fighter Joe Duarte said Carmella Bing was one of his favorite XXX actresses when he was recently on LIVE with Lauren, so we can figure out what he’ll be looking at this weekend.

Watch these classic porn scenes today in the new formats such as DVD, High WMV and a five minute video that can also be downloaded to iPhones and iPods.

Until then, enjoy Carmella’s latest Naughty Office scene right here!


Adult Star Eva Angelina Takes Anal

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Latina porn star Eva Angelina posing naked in the office.

XXX Actress Eva Angelina is in the studio for a threesome of LIVE Porn appearances today.

Eva has been very popular around Naughty America recently and has starred in 4 new adult scenes in the last month and a half! Her most popular of those would be her newest adult scene, Naughty Office, where Eva does anal.

Her admirers described this treat as an "early Christmas present", so login to chat with Eva Angelina in her LIVE Porn shows and give her your Naughty wish list today. Also see all of Eva’s new adult scenes right here!

 Watch Eva in Live Party Girl!!


Mature XXX Sensation Erica Lauren Seduces Again in Her New Porn Scene

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Cougar Erica Lauren seduces a younger guy.

Mature Adult Actress Erica Lauren stars in the sizzling new hardcore porn scene, Seduced By a Cougar. In this scene, MILF Erica is aroused and ready to pounce on Danny, an unsuspecting young prospective tenant.

Erica gained many fans when she appeared in one of the more infamous My First Sex Teacher scenes in recent history in which she starred opposite Mrs. Jewel and Christian XXX.

Fans that watched the Erica Lauren/Mrs. Jewel scene said "I feel so naughty by getting aroused by these gals," and "Totally the reason I keep coming back to this site!"

Feel dirty and naughty all over again today when you download Erica’s new adult scene, Seduced By a Cougar.

Check out the Erica Lauren/Mrs. Jewell My First Sex Teacher scene right here!


November 17th, 2009 Live with Lauren

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Charley Chase looks very sexy in her stockings.

Today was yet another awesome day on LWL. We finished off my favorite scenes for My Friends Hot Mom and My Naughty Latin Maid. Tomorrow we will start on my favorite scenes for My Sister’s Hot Friend, make sure to tune in they are KINKY scenes! We continued to read 101 naughty acts NOT everyone should know how to do. Charley Chase, Eva Angelina and Kayla Carrera were all here today!!

Sex Talk

Here is a bit of what we discussed as far as the topic. Golly, this was a good laugh. How to perform oral sex on yourself was our first topic. Most men say they would never in a million years use this as a masturbation tool, I’m calling bullshit. If men will play with themselves and it feels great, why would you not perform a blowjobon yourself? Trust me, if ladies could do it they most certainly would.

We then talked about remote control intercourse, this is a hot way to spice up your relationship. With modern technology, you can now drive your partner wild without even touching him/her. You control the speed, it will be priceless to see the look on your partners face while they try and maintain composure. Check out your local sex toy store to get one of these naughty devices.

Chatting with the Stars

Charley Chase was in the kitchen with me first today. What a sexy lady she is. Charley is so laid back and down to earth. She has been in the XXX industry for 2 years and is loving every single minute of it. Charley told us that she was in school for fashion design and then decided to make the transition into XXX. At some point she would like to go back to school and finish her education. Charley has some of the sexiest jugs I have ever seen/felt. Please take the time to see all of Charley right here at Naughty America.

Eva Angelina was up next. Eva is always a pleasure to have on the show. Griffin is one of her biggest followers, he knew she was going to be on the show with me. Griffin emailed me last week and asked if we would call him to say hello, that we did! I hope you enjoyed it. Eva added a new tattoo to her collection, which we saw up close and personal. Eva is always hot and sweet.

Kayla Carrera stopped by for a visit as well. I always tell everyone that Kayla’s legs are from here to Taiwan. IMO, Kayla is breath taking. She told us that she got laid with a few famous people that will remain nameless. Kayla just recently moved back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas and is very excited to return. She also told us that she wanted to get a new breast job but I think they look amazing as is.

Make sure to hang out with me tomorrow to enjoy all the mayhem.



Check out Charley Chase here in Naughty Office!


November 18th, 2009 Live with Lauren

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Sunny Leone is licking the pussy of her boyfriend’s daughter.

Yet another amazing fuck day at Naughty America. We continued to look at my favorite "My Sister’s Hot Friend" scenes. I hope you all are enjoying them so far. Sadie Swede, Sunny Leone and Gracie Glam all graced me with their stunning presence today!

Looking at Scenes from My Sister’s Hot Friend

Today was day two of MSHF, I love these scenes. They are so kinky and full of life. Make sure to join me tomorrow to look at more, I have some amazing scenes on the list!!!

Hot Celeb Scoop

Seriously, Sadie Swede is so hot. She does not hold anything back. You can ask her anything and everything under the sun. I had her get naked for us, as if she was working in the nude club. Sadie has mouth watering knockers, you should have seen them shake. Not to mention they looked awesome in her sweat suit. Sadie makes her own bras which I thought was really neat. I guess when your funbags are that huge it’s your best bet. Next week, Sadie has a brand new scene coming out, stay tuned for Housewife 1on1.

Sunny Leone is always a kick. Sunny and I get along so good just hanging out and girl talking. Not to mention she has the sexiest jugs on the face of the planet. I recently saw Sunny performing at a local strip club, what a fun time. I recommend that each of you get the chance to check her out when she visits your city. She will be back at Naughty America in two weeks!

Gracie Glam was on LIVE today for her very first time. She was very nervous but did an incredible job. Gracie told us she was never the "popular" girl growing up, which is why she picked the last name Glam. Gracie just wants to feel glamorous. She has been in the XXX industry for 8 months and has no plans to go elsewhere. I really like her look, very natural and girl next door. Please keep your eye out for this hottie, you will definitely be seeing much more of her!

Krissy Lynn, Katie Kayne and Yurizan Beltran will join us tomorrow!

See you there.



If you can’t wait for her new scene, check Sadie Swede here in My Wife’s Hot Friend!


November 19th, 2009 Live with Lauren

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Porn star Krissy Lynn is getting wet in her white panties.

Today was awesome! We watched part 2 of my favorite scenes from "My Sister’s Hot Friend". We are going through all the different sites that Naughty America has to offed and looking at my favorites. It is lots of fun, so MSHF has been my favorite. If you want to watch my favorite choices for MSHF please tune into LWL daily.

We talked a bit more about 101 kinky acts NOT everyone should know how to do. We also talked with Krissy Lynn, Katie Kayne and Yurizan Beltran.

Today we read about how to blow your load internally better known as injaculation. We all collectively decided that this would probably not be the most intelligent idea. To injaculate means you would apply pressure to the perineum which sends the cum back the wrong way (ouch) up the urethra into the bladder. "They" seem to agree that you will actually live longer if you practice this. I am no doctor but I don’t really recommend this. We also talked about how to tell if she cummed.

Here are a few pointers:

1) She say’s "oh my god, I’m climaxing" thank you captain obvious.

2) She gets flushed (red) across her chest.

3) Her cunt contacts rhythmically

4) she comes back for more.

Stay tuned to LWL for more naughty topics.

Krissy Lynn and I hung out for about an hour or so. Krissy is having booty shaping surgery December 3rd, her doctor has prescribed her to gain 15 lbs. Krissy has been visiting Jack-in-the-box daily to gain the weight. The doctor is going to take the fat from her stomach and inject it in her butt cheeks to form a new booty. I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Krissy lives a swinger lifestyle and is very informative and open about it. She has some amazing stories, tune into LWL to hear what she has to say!

It has been 6 months since Katie Kayne has been at Naughty America but today was the day. Katie is from Tennessee, she got married when she was 18 years old and was a virgin.

Since then she has had intercourse with over 100 dudes and most of them being her husbands buddies. What a caring and loving wife, not only takes care of her husband but also his buddies. Her old man loves it, he does not actually have to be around for her to sleep with another guy. Very interesting…

Today was the the first time Yurizan Beltran has been on live at Naughty America: she is sexy. Yuri only does ladies at the current moment but it is a great possibility she will be doing studs in no time.

Yuri speaks fluent Spanish which is extremely kinky. Yuri started her career in XXX entertainment nude modeling for car magazines then moved on to Penthouse. I hope you all had a chance to see her on LIVE nude entertainment. Look for more of Yuri in the future.

Thanks for another kick ass day!

See all of you tomorrow and I will be joined by Dani Jensen, Isis Taylor and Diana Doll



Here’s a clip of Krissy Lynn getting dirty as your secretary.


Juiciest Big Round Bottom in XXX

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Jada Fire getting naked by the pool.

Jada Fire has the sexiest big round booty in the industry! Jada’s bottom has won awards for years including "Best Ass of the Year" from the Porn World Awards, and even AVN’s "Best Anal Scene".

Her butt is incredible and she is also known for her juicy DD breasts with nice large chocolate areolas! Naughty America members agree, "Jada is sizzling!"

The flame is about to get even hotter today as she makes three LIVE Naughty Porn Appearances including Live Gym Cam, Live Naughty Nurse and Live Party Girl.

Click here to download all Jada Fire’s nastiest XXX and interact with her in LIVE Porn Today!

Check out Jada slacking off so you can get to rub one out in Live Naughty Secretary.