November 23rd, 2009 Live with Lauren

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Blonde coed Brynn Tyler fucking her professor in the classroom.

Happy Monday!

We continued to check out my favorite MSHF scenes, they just keep getting nastier. We read a few more inserts from "the book" and we had a chance to get to know Tessa Taylor, Dana DeArmond and Brynn Tyler. I would also like to welcome all the new members that joined us today on LWL!

Intercourse in an Elevator

Intercourse in an elevator was recommended by "101 naughty acts NOT everyone should know how to do". In order to pull this maneuver off here are a few things you might want to remember:

1. Make sure to choose a slow elevator

2. Do it incredibly quickly

3. Wait until after hours, when no one else is nearby

4. Try not to lean against the buttons or you might find yourself making unscheduled stops

5. Do not hit the emergency stop button, it only works out in the movies. You may be hauled out by the authorities and have to pay expensive fines.

Be Her Hero

Try to hold off from orgasm for an hour

1. Let yourself get the brink of cumming then stop

2. Have sex play with your lover but no fucking

3. Repeat

4. Finally allow yourself to climax and warn your partner to cover her eyes. LOL!

XXX Star News

Joining me first today was Tessa Taylor. Wow, she is a goddess. Tessa is 19 years old and has great plans for her future. She plans on staying in the XXX biz for many years to come and would like to be the "next big thing". Please take a chance to watch all of Tessa Taylor right here at Naughty America.

Brynn Tyler was also with me. I really enjoy Brynn’s company. She has a funny and unique sense of humor. Brynn was having a hard time hearing today due to the fact she stuck the q-tips too far into her ear, LOL. We were pretty much yelling at each, pure comedy.

Brynn has stopped working with studs on camera but off camera is a totally different story. Right now she is really into pussy but does at some point plan on working with cock again. Check out how naughty she is right here.

Dana DeArmond graced us with her presence as well. Dana and her ex-boyfriend, Danny Wylde, are in talks of possibly reuniting. I wish them both luck.

Dana just recently returned from 3 weeks out of the country for work and some leisure. Dana told us the she was really happy to be back but definitely needed some down time. Make sure to check out all of Dana right here!

All three gals today had juicy silicone free racks, just sayin…

See you tomorrow and we will get to know Taylor Tilden, Nyomi Banxxx and Monique Alexander.



Here’s a clip of Dana DeArmond getting ready for a night out on the town in Live Party Girl.