NBA Atlanta Hawks Dancer Brandy Blair on Naughty America in New Adult Scene

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New porn star Brandy Blair spreads her pussy as she waits for a big dick.

Brandy Blair, a former Atlanta Hawks Dancer (formerly known as Briana) features in the most recent My Wife’s Hot Friend Porn scene released Friday November 20 on Naughty America.

Brandi had always fantasized about moving to the Los Angeles area and four months ago when her contract with the Atlanta Hawks ended, she did just that.

Brandy originally planned on continuing her dancing career and furthering her modeling experience. However, soon after arriving in Los Angeles, she was at a test shoot for Playboy Magazine when she met her current agent.

"I’ve always been pretty open minded," said Blair, "even though I had always been reserved sexually, I thought I’d give it a try".I had never even posed nude before and all of the sudden I saw this whole other side of myself that I had never seen. It has been a very liberating experience".

She said that her extensive dance training has helped her immensely in the XXX Industry. She is very aware of her body, her movements and her camera angles.

Brandy says that her admirers and friends back home just found out about her new profession in the Porn Industry on Wednesday of this week when a radio station in Georgia broke the news.

She says everyone she knows has been supportive and the response has been very positive. Now that she has made her first few scenes for the top websites in the industry and she has begun acquiring a new fan base, she is more than excited to see where this new career takes her.

She had no expectations when she began acting, but now she sees that she is very good at what she does. In the near future, Brandy plans to host her own website and begin feature dancing very soon.

Brandy said, "I’m doing this because I enjoy it. I’m satisfied and I’m proud to show my work".

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