Adult Star Harmony Says Farewell

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Sexy Harmony isn’t shy about showing you her ass…

XXX star Harmony announced yesterday on Naughty America LIVE that she is resigning from the industry.

In fact, Harmony’s appearance on Naughty America’s LIVE Porn was her very last appearance in the biz as a whole. Harmony recently shot a Naughty Country Girls scene that will be released shortly, but she will not be acting anymore.

Harmony is now pursuing her education and a career as a Paramedic. She has always been interested in the medical field and loves helping others.

During her time as a XXX sensation, Harmony regularly volunteered for local charities near her former home in Miami, FL.

Also, Harmony enjoys a challenge, works well in high-stress and fast-paced situations and loves a big adrenaline rush. Given these qualities, a career as an EMT is a neat transition for the star.

Harmony stated, "I love the business. I’ve met so many awesome people, but I never planned to be in it this long. It’s already been seven years. I’m ready to do something else, I can’t do this forever and if I don’t leave now, I never will."

Harmony is excited to be switching her attention to another deep-routed passion, and will always remember and appreciate her time as a adult actress. We are excited for her too, even though she will be missed. Stay tuned for her last new sex scene Naughty Country Girls, which will be released soon, and check back next week for Harmony’s last LIVE Porn archives.

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