November 9th, 2009 Live with Lauren

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Danica Dillian gives her teacher a blowjob right in the classroom.

Happy Monday!

Today was a very exciting day at Naughty America, we have forever changed one person’s life, drastically! Andreas came on the show with me this morning at 10:00am PST. We finished off the theme which was "the truth about males". Sammie Rhodes, Danica Dillan and Ashli Orion were here also.

Naughty America’s New President Andreas and I called Tex this morning via telephone. We called to announce to the world and Naughty Americans everywhere that he was elected the first ever Naughty President.

I know I was nervous to make the call so I can only imagine how Tex felt. We all got hear his reaction as we broke the news to him. Tex was actually in the public library, he was so in awe that he hung up on us, LOL.

When he was able to pull it together he expressed his excitement and gratitude to all of Naughty America and his supporters that voted for him. On behalf of Naughty America I would like to congratulate Tex once again. We looked forward to what will come next.

Please stay tuned to Live with Lauren for the latest on Tex and how to run for Naughty President.

The Real Facts about Males

We wrapped up the topic today, "truth about men". Men are always looking for validation and approval. Guess what, dudes…so are chicks. It is only human to want to be recognized by whom we love or praised period. It makes people want to do better or try harder no matter what the situation may be.

Men always have to be the winners no matter what it may be, we all pretty much agreed and I said, "it’s sensual to watch your boyfriend win, so keep winning! Please make sure to tune in daily to find out the topic of the day.

Adult Stars Running Late

Today was pretty stressful, it seemed as if all the hot XXX stars had a case of the Mondays. All three dames were behind schedule. It almost seemed to work out for the better, I was surrounded by all three of them for the last minutes of the show. It was incredible!

Thanks for another excellent day, see you all soon!



Since the chicks were running late today, here’s a vid with Danica Dillan in her first scene from Naughty Bookworms.

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