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40 Mistakes Men Make Whilst Having Sex: PART II

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Jenny Hendrix has one of the nicest asses around.

On the latest Live With Lauren, we carried on with talking about mistakes males make in during sex.

Going overboard with the pussy was on the list, we all disagreed.

I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong unless you’re being all weird and stuff. If you’re bangin a chick that you’ve known for some time it is certainly ok. If she’s your current 1 night stand then it might be a little off.

With regards to massaging too hard, there’s such thing, really. If she stops, it doesn’t feel good, then definitely take a chill pill.

Banging too hard, pelvis to pelvis. Nothing could be more of a turnoff than getting fucked like a rabbit in heat! Ease off on the jack-hammering, you are not a construction worker on the job.

If you’re going to bust a nut quickly, no worries, but taking all night to shoot your load can get totally lame.

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Here’s Jenny Hendrix who is sure to school you a some things about pleasing women…


Julia Ann: Hot Cougar Extraordinaire

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Julia Ann likes her pussy licked.

We see every time a definite phenomena whenever Julia Ann appears on Naughty America, members say they want one thing: More Julia Ann!

Fans have been saying, "Julia Ann the epitomy of a cougar in heat, bring her back in My Friend’s Hot Mom", "There’s no way around her appearing more in My Friend’s Hot Mom, she’s a MILF", and "more…more Julia!"

This is the day her admirer’s wishes are to be realized because more Julia is precisely what awaits them! Julia steals the thunder in today’s latest update in My Friends Hot Mom.

Though Julia has been on LIVE more recently, this is her first new scene on Naughty America in a year and we are stoked to have her back in the studio doing what she does best!

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Here’s Ms. Julia Ann in Live Naughty Milf!


Bloopers Males make while having sex…

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Avy Scott has a nice little bush.

That’s what we spoke about on Live With Lauren. We all like to laugh and make snide remarks about all the fun subjects we gab about.

"They" said that first off, the mistake was: just not kissing. Kissing is tremendously passionate and is always a great way to get her in the mood.

Like Avy Scott said, "Why don’t we just kick it off with a kiss, if the kiss sucks more than likely the rest will suck". One of my favorite lines ever!

The second mistake men do is blowing too hard in her ear. Studs, never ever do that. It’s a total turnoff.

The next turnoff is man-handling her melons like they are a stress reliever. IMO, that depends on the circumstances.

Attacking her clitoris was next on the list, it is a very sensitive area, be nice! And hey, don’t pause for a rest, once the woman loses it (orgasm) it’s like starting on empty.

To be continued….

Make sure to turn on Live with Lauren for more interesting topics.

Until then,Until next time stay Naughty America!

P.S.: Check out Avy making all the right moves in My Sister’s Hot Friend!


Hillary Scott on Live With Lauren

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Hillary Scott loves it in her ass.

Today Hillary Scott made her super sexy debut on Naughty America Live.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her. One member, Lovell, is her world’s biggest fan. He blew up my email the other day asking if I would have Hillary Scott call him on Live with Lauren.

Who am I to turn down a valued fan? This is how we do it at Naughty America, taking care of our faithful, they CUM first and foremost.

If you know that one of your #1 girls is going to be on LIVE, hit me up,

Hope you enjoyed that chat, Lovell!

See you all tomorrow!

PS: Have a look at how hot Hillary is in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend!


Raquel Devine is Cougar of the Month

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Raquel Devine giveing a dirty blowjob.

Raquel Devine is one totally hot cougar and her popularity is soring!.

Raquel just finished a photo shoot for Hustler’s Cougar of the Month, which at news stands now. She has a busy shooting schedule and also runs a model agency of hot young stars that she coaches and mentors.

Raquel didn’t even embark on her current line of work until she was 30 and she says she never thought at that time that she’d still be going strong 13 years later.

She says this is because MILFS and cougars weren’t nearly as popular as they are nowadays.

When asked if she was concerned about how long she could succeed in this industry, she said, "I never really thought about it. I was just sick and tired of 9-5 jobs. I wanted something more interesting". She said she was sexually harassed more in "corporate America positions" than in the adult business.

Raquel claims to have found her calling, loves her career and is nuts about her fans.

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Ruby Knox Loves Her Some Down South

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Ruby Knox fucking cowgirl.

Ruby Knox is heading down south soon. She vacationed there last month and immediately fell in love with the people and nature activities.

"I need to learn a little more Espanol!," she says. "I find myself in front of my computer’s webcam more nowadays than ever. This can be done pretty much anywhere with an internet connection." Thanks to the internet, this stunning porn star can finally have the freedom she deserves.

Not to fret, my Naughty America friends, you will still see just as much of this minx as always.

"The USA isn’t that far at at all. It will be easy for me to come back for a visit."

Ruby will be making the big move in about a year and is hoping to have a crib somewhere in Panama someday, too!.

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Have a look at Ruby Knox and Jezebelle Bond not so DEEP inside Neighbor Affair!


Lizzy Styles Can Turn Your Outlook On Life Inside Out

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Lizzy Styles has a nice and tight ass.

MILF, milf, cougars, cougar, mature

Lizzy Styles is a sexy brunette with big tits.

Lizzy Styles is a country raised wild-child that doesn’t have any addictions other than energetic fucking on cam.

Recently Lizzy Styles told Naughty America that she is, "about as country as you can get and that she can pony-up on anything: an atv, a quad, or horseback".

By the looks of her first scene on Naughty America, I Have a Wife, she’s quite the cock rider as well.

She has been a dancer for three years and just took Miss Exotic Kentucky. three other states where she earned other titles like Hottest Stage Performance. While traveling she ran into a fellow pole-meister that just so happened to be a porn chick.

Lizzy’s new friend "showed her the ropes" in a manner of speaking. Even though she’s a newbie to the industry, fans are loving Lizzy’s style.

One admirer noted, "Lizzy is the hottest new chick that has come out in a while. Those tits are great and the ass, just wow!"

Lizzy says that her outlook towards her new career, her admirers and every new viewer can be summed up with one word: "Pleasure!"

Check out Lizzy Styles at I Have a Wife!


Have a Hardcore Anal-versary, Phoenix Marie!

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Phoenix Marie can make you smile.

MILF, milf, cougars, cougar, mature

Phoenix marie like to fuck other hot milfs.

This week Phoenix Marie celebrated her second year anniversary of her Adult Career. Phoenix says her best move is rough and wild anal sex.

"I love anal. I actually prefer it."

Brianna Love, a dear girlfriend of hers, gave Phoenix some tips for her roles before she ever seriously considered actually doing it.

At that time, Phoenix was seeing a guy in the business who decided he was also going to help Phoenix hone her skills before she attempted it on camera. He also helped her excel, too. She was cool with him as a teacher and she says, "I knew he wasn’t going to freak out if I blew chunks. It kind of just occurs before you have mastered the art of dick sucking".

Once Phoenix practiced to perfection, she went for the big time and took it to the studios.

"There was certainly a degree of learning necessary. Sex in general is something we learn."

On Phoenix’s anal-versary, she took the time to look back at her old scenes to see how she has changed over the years.

She says in her early scenes she was sort of like a sexual puppet. She let the male talent have the lead. Nowadays, she saunters onto set and knows, "I am the big boss of what happens here".

Phoenix is definitely more in control over her professional life than ever before.

Have a sweet!

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Now here’s Phoenix in Live Naughty Secretary!


Deauxma Wants to Do You!

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Deauxma is a hot mom with big fake tits.

milf porn, cougars, mature porn, milf, cougars

Deauxma likes it in her ass.

This morning on Seduced By a Cougar we have the Peep Deauxma’s ultra horny update today over at Seduced By a Cougar!

Deauxma first started in adult entertainment roughly five years prior as a Southern Charms girl. Before long she bloomed into the uber-MILF.

She is best known for her gigantic 32G juggs. She says that having such big boobs on her petite and toned body sometimes makes it difficult to find outfits that fit. This just may be an omen that she’s in the right business, eh?.

Being the swinging bisexual that she is, Deauxma has managed to be happy married for more than 25 years strong.

Download Seduced By a Cougar today and let this wildcat show you how she’s managed to maintain her dedicated sexual appetite.