Mistakes Women make Before and During Sexual Encounters

Carrying on with the subject of the week our people said the following;

Taking the whole sex thing way too seriously. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, let yourself go and let the good feelings flow. If you have the need to be all serious ensure it is short lived then continue on with the fun stuff.

We talked about threesomes, most guys thought it would be pretty awesome to bring another woman into the scene.

Obi Wan, C-Dan and March are all members of Naughty America, and all of them said they would not be interested or want to partake in any of the fun and games like this. They were all about sharing the encounter with the woman they love. It is always enjoyable to hear the different thoughts my friends on LWL love to share.

Hey ladies…don’t moan when you get cum on a part of your body. It’s pretty much destiny, if you can’t handle it then you might want to stick to vibrators and a lonely room. Cum happens…

Regarding the refusal of oils, whipping cream and anything else that may get a little messy. If you get it on the bed or your clothes, relax, wash them or buy new ones. But don’t lose the passion!

After you fuck, don’t start with the 20 questions. Be satisfied with what you got and call it a night or "do it" again.



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