How to Get the First Kiss and More

Today was really a hoot, I am so glad that you all had fun with the topic. We spoke about how to get the first kiss and more…

The do’s are as follows:

Make eye contact but don’t just stare at her for 10 minutes, that’s weird. Walk with her in sync, not in front of her or behind her. SIDE by SIDE! Sit across from her at the restaurant, not side by side. This way you can make eye contact. Also, if you notice her biting her lip a bit or staring at your lips that’s a excellent sign. Most of the time this means she is a bit nervous and interested. She is likely thinking about the first kiss.

Remember, the first kiss is similar to a first impression, unforgettable. Take it slow, touch her face or palm her cheeks, us chicks are into that. If you kiss for a lengthy period of time, you are more likely to get her to bed! Chicks like mouth to mouth contact. It gets them set for what’s to CUM!

Here’s a few don’ts:

Don’t go in for the kiss at the beginning of the date, that’s not classy. DO NOT ask if you can kiss her or tell her, just do it! Don’t ask her "how would you rate yourself as a kisser?" Also, do not ask for permission. Playing games is a waste of time.

Tune in tomorrow to find out the topic, good luck!



One of the best at swapping tongue and building up to something steamy is the talented and hot Courtney Cummz.