Mistakes Ladies Make During and After Sex…

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Sadie West in her new porn video at Naughty America.

Last week we talked about the mistakes men make during sex, well a new week has arrived and this one is about the gals.

Girls tend to think that men can pop wood at the drop of a hat. "They" said that isn’t always true.

We kidded around not saying this is true for every case but more often than not if there is a hot chick showing some skin woman or spooning with you, your johnson is hard. It doesn’t take much ladies, guys, quit fooling yourselves.

"They" also said that it is sometimes a mistake to want to spoon after sex, we went over this and most of you said this just wasn’t true. Spooning is good for a short time but once it’s time to hit the sack and call it a night, move over and give each other some room.

We all agreed that not moving at all during sex is totally not-cool. Missionary position is not an excuse to just lay there!

Do NOT lay out your do’s and don’ts before fucking, what a turn-off. Let things progress naturally, if she doesn’t want you to do something you will be able to tell during the act of it.

Keep your junk trimmed nicely, this applies for both boys and girls.

We all had a great time with this topic, seemed you all enjoyed it.

To be continued…


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