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Porn Star Ava Devine looks hot in her lingerie.

We finished up our so called top of the week this afternoon on Live with Lauren. Here’s what we came up with;

Nibbling on your woman is fine but creating full-on hickeys is a huge FAIL! "They" said that talking naughty is a mistake, you’re actually muffing it up even more if you talk dirty….next!

Moving all around when muff diving was on the menu of what you shouldn’t do, but we all totally disagreed.

Don’t bust out the video cam unless it’s HER that brings it up unless she is totally comfortable with it.

"They" said it’s if you look for her prostate. First of all, chicks don’t have a prostate but it still is a killer feeling when men do their damnest to find one!

The final issue on tap was saying thanks to her. We were all in agreement that thanking her would be a nice gesture. If you had fun, say ‘thanks’, it’s the polite thing to do.

I hope you all enjoyed our topic of the week, it was a blast to talk openly about!

Check us out next week, we’ll have another intriguing topic of discussion, surely.

Have a sweet weekend!


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Below is a sample of a MILF who has been getting guys off for as long as masturbation has been in the English language. The infamous,, Ava Devine!