40 Mistakes Men Make Whilst Having Sex: PART II

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Jenny Hendrix has one of the nicest asses around.

On the latest Live With Lauren, we carried on with talking about mistakes males make in during sex.

Going overboard with the pussy was on the list, we all disagreed.

I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong unless you’re being all weird and stuff. If you’re bangin a chick that you’ve known for some time it is certainly ok. If she’s your current 1 night stand then it might be a little off.

With regards to massaging too hard, there’s such thing, really. If she stops, it doesn’t feel good, then definitely take a chill pill.

Banging too hard, pelvis to pelvis. Nothing could be more of a turnoff than getting fucked like a rabbit in heat! Ease off on the jack-hammering, you are not a construction worker on the job.

If you’re going to bust a nut quickly, no worries, but taking all night to shoot your load can get totally lame.

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Here’s Jenny Hendrix who is sure to school you a some things about pleasing women…