Bloopers Males make while having sex…

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Avy Scott has a nice little bush.

That’s what we spoke about on Live With Lauren. We all like to laugh and make snide remarks about all the fun subjects we gab about.

"They" said that first off, the mistake was: just not kissing. Kissing is tremendously passionate and is always a great way to get her in the mood.

Like Avy Scott said, "Why don’t we just kick it off with a kiss, if the kiss sucks more than likely the rest will suck". One of my favorite lines ever!

The second mistake men do is blowing too hard in her ear. Studs, never ever do that. It’s a total turnoff.

The next turnoff is man-handling her melons like they are a stress reliever. IMO, that depends on the circumstances.

Attacking her clitoris was next on the list, it is a very sensitive area, be nice! And hey, don’t pause for a rest, once the woman loses it (orgasm) it’s like starting on empty.

To be continued….

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Until then,Until next time stay Naughty America!

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