Lizzy Styles Can Turn Your Outlook On Life Inside Out

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Lizzy Styles has a nice and tight ass.

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Lizzy Styles is a sexy brunette with big tits.

Lizzy Styles is a country raised wild-child that doesn’t have any addictions other than energetic fucking on cam.

Recently Lizzy Styles told Naughty America that she is, "about as country as you can get and that she can pony-up on anything: an atv, a quad, or horseback".

By the looks of her first scene on Naughty America, I Have a Wife, she’s quite the cock rider as well.

She has been a dancer for three years and just took Miss Exotic Kentucky. three other states where she earned other titles like Hottest Stage Performance. While traveling she ran into a fellow pole-meister that just so happened to be a porn chick.

Lizzy’s new friend "showed her the ropes" in a manner of speaking. Even though she’s a newbie to the industry, fans are loving Lizzy’s style.

One admirer noted, "Lizzy is the hottest new chick that has come out in a while. Those tits are great and the ass, just wow!"

Lizzy says that her outlook towards her new career, her admirers and every new viewer can be summed up with one word: "Pleasure!"

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