Have a Hardcore Anal-versary, Phoenix Marie!

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This week Phoenix Marie celebrated her second year anniversary of her Adult Career. Phoenix says her best move is rough and wild anal sex.

"I love anal. I actually prefer it."

Brianna Love, a dear girlfriend of hers, gave Phoenix some tips for her roles before she ever seriously considered actually doing it.

At that time, Phoenix was seeing a guy in the business who decided he was also going to help Phoenix hone her skills before she attempted it on camera. He also helped her excel, too. She was cool with him as a teacher and she says, "I knew he wasn’t going to freak out if I blew chunks. It kind of just occurs before you have mastered the art of dick sucking".

Once Phoenix practiced to perfection, she went for the big time and took it to the studios.

"There was certainly a degree of learning necessary. Sex in general is something we learn."

On Phoenix’s anal-versary, she took the time to look back at her old scenes to see how she has changed over the years.

She says in her early scenes she was sort of like a sexual puppet. She let the male talent have the lead. Nowadays, she saunters onto set and knows, "I am the big boss of what happens here".

Phoenix is definitely more in control over her professional life than ever before.

Have a sweet!

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