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Live with Lauren: Halloween Treat

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Phoenix Marie fucking with her girlfriend Madelyn Marie.

What a awesome day, I was St. Pauli Girl for Halloween, excellent times! Not like I really need an excuse to get drunk. Laura and Dallas joined me today, never a dull moment on Live with Lauren.

Dallas does amazing voice overs, you have got to see for yourself. Laura, gosh her erotic stories are outrageous, they are humorous. That babe holds nothing back.

Mike and Mel are a couple who dig Naughty America and all that we have to offer. The both of them really enjoy watching the show, they emailed me a list of their favorite scenes to watch on LWL. A few dudes from the show asked me to please post the list, so here it is.

2 Chicks Same Time: Phoenix Marie/Madelyn Marie

Diary of a Nanny: Eva Angelina/Kara Nox

Housewife 1on1: Val Malone

I Have a Wife: Audrey Bitoni

My Sisters hot Friend: Chayse Evans

My Wife’s Hot Friend: Jenny Hendrix

Neighbor Affair: Carmella Bing/Casey Jo

Naughty Athletics: Mindy Main/Carmen McCarthy/Tristan Kingsley

These were incredible selections, have a blast!

Have a safe Halloween, see you all on Monday for the BIG DEBATE!!!!

Here’s a Halloween surprise for you all…Phoenix Marie and Madelyn Marie in Trick or Treat!


Porno Chick Bridgette B Has Something New Being Cooked Up

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Check out Bridgette B. fucking.

Smoking hawt Bridgette B. doesn’t just cook things up in her sweet Live Porn episodes and New Porn shoots.

Naughty Bridgette has always got something spectacular brewing up in the kitchen as well. Bridgette is releasing a an actual cook book soon that has been on the drawing board for over three years now.

She came upon the realization that food is simply everywhere. When she had a thing for a guy, she’d invite him over for some comida. When her friend had a baby, she crafted desserts.

Aprently twice in her life she was propose to after cooking the same meal.  A coincidence? Perhaps.

She’s got a library of recipes she can’t wait to spread to the webosphere.

One of these is her recipe for dirty sexual encounters. In university, she was removed of her sorority for porn modeling.

Not so long afterwards she cooked a beautiful meal included as peppers some of the girls who had turned her in were mildly allergic to. When the word trickled back to her that they were sick, she knew karma struck well indeed|When she found out those women were hurling all night, she knew she had her vengeance.

Bridgette B. apparently has a recipe for sexual goodness as well because whatever that girl is consuming is doing her body quite well.

Members concur, "Bridgette simply rocks my world like none other. 100% alluring" and "what a alluring girl!!"

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How to Get the First Kiss and More

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Today was really a hoot, I am so glad that you all had fun with the topic. We spoke about how to get the first kiss and more…

The do’s are as follows:

Make eye contact but don’t just stare at her for 10 minutes, that’s weird. Walk with her in sync, not in front of her or behind her. SIDE by SIDE! Sit across from her at the restaurant, not side by side. This way you can make eye contact. Also, if you notice her biting her lip a bit or staring at your lips that’s a excellent sign. Most of the time this means she is a bit nervous and interested. She is likely thinking about the first kiss.

Remember, the first kiss is similar to a first impression, unforgettable. Take it slow, touch her face or palm her cheeks, us chicks are into that. If you kiss for a lengthy period of time, you are more likely to get her to bed! Chicks like mouth to mouth contact. It gets them set for what’s to CUM!

Here’s a few don’ts:

Don’t go in for the kiss at the beginning of the date, that’s not classy. DO NOT ask if you can kiss her or tell her, just do it! Don’t ask her "how would you rate yourself as a kisser?" Also, do not ask for permission. Playing games is a waste of time.

Tune in tomorrow to find out the topic, good luck!



One of the best at swapping tongue and building up to something steamy is the talented and hot Courtney Cummz.


New Boobs and New Focus for Porn Star Jennifer Dark

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Eastern European Porn Star Jennifer Dark recently featured in Naughty America’s LIVE Porn Lineup and she gave us the skinny on her new rack.

When Jennifer first got her new implants installed she couldn’t wait to show them off right here on Naughty America LIVE.

It’s been a few weeks and they’re settling in pretty nicely. She increased from an A cup to a full C cup. They are just the right consistency.

She says it’s cool how her admirers act to her nowadays. Instead of them saying, "I want to cum all over your ass," now they say "I want to cum all over your tits".

She says that her new rack are her favorite part about her body and she does not miss the hubbub that her derriere used to receive.

She is excited about all the new and interesting opportunities coming her way|about the opportunities coming her way to film many more new smut scenes and LIVE porn shows in the near future.

Have a gander at Jennifer Dark’s new boobs below in Live Naughty Milf!


Mistakes Women make Before and During Sexual Encounters

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Carrying on with the subject of the week our people said the following;

Taking the whole sex thing way too seriously. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, let yourself go and let the good feelings flow. If you have the need to be all serious ensure it is short lived then continue on with the fun stuff.

We talked about threesomes, most guys thought it would be pretty awesome to bring another woman into the scene.

Obi Wan, C-Dan and March are all members of Naughty America, and all of them said they would not be interested or want to partake in any of the fun and games like this. They were all about sharing the encounter with the woman they love. It is always enjoyable to hear the different thoughts my friends on LWL love to share.

Hey ladies…don’t moan when you get cum on a part of your body. It’s pretty much destiny, if you can’t handle it then you might want to stick to vibrators and a lonely room. Cum happens…

Regarding the refusal of oils, whipping cream and anything else that may get a little messy. If you get it on the bed or your clothes, relax, wash them or buy new ones. But don’t lose the passion!

After you fuck, don’t start with the 20 questions. Be satisfied with what you got and call it a night or "do it" again.



I don’t care if you’re not a group sex fanatic, you’ll definitely enjoy Eva Angelina and Andy San Dimas cumming together in this hot 2 Chicks Same Time vid.


Isis Monroe Hightails It To The San Fernando Valley

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Isis Monroe is brand new and prepared to make the big move. Isis Monroe first began her adult acting gig a few months ago and the honeymoon period is finished.

She’s totally into full swing now in The Industry by moving to L.A. from Vegas.

She is actually from LV and has been jetsetting to Cali and back to pursue her new career in porn the past six months.

At first she was quite shy. Now she knows the adult business more and is 100% committed to dishing out the very best porn known to man.

Isis is also an aspiring businesswoman and plans to start her own make-up biz within the next four years.

This fresh, new, determined star has delivered some amazing LIVE porno shows and her new video on Naughty America, Naughty Athletics, has gained her some well-deserved attention.

Fans are saying, "She has one of the best set of tits in the biz, unbelievable!" and "SPANKTASTIC|AMAZZZINNGGG|JIZZ-BLOWING".

Even though fans are talking about her tight body, she says admirers often compliment her awesome eyes.

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Check out Isis Monroe below here in Naughty Athletics!


Mistakes Ladies Make During and After Sex…

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Sadie West in her new porn video at Naughty America.

Last week we talked about the mistakes men make during sex, well a new week has arrived and this one is about the gals.

Girls tend to think that men can pop wood at the drop of a hat. "They" said that isn’t always true.

We kidded around not saying this is true for every case but more often than not if there is a hot chick showing some skin woman or spooning with you, your johnson is hard. It doesn’t take much ladies, guys, quit fooling yourselves.

"They" also said that it is sometimes a mistake to want to spoon after sex, we went over this and most of you said this just wasn’t true. Spooning is good for a short time but once it’s time to hit the sack and call it a night, move over and give each other some room.

We all agreed that not moving at all during sex is totally not-cool. Missionary position is not an excuse to just lay there!

Do NOT lay out your do’s and don’ts before fucking, what a turn-off. Let things progress naturally, if she doesn’t want you to do something you will be able to tell during the act of it.

Keep your junk trimmed nicely, this applies for both boys and girls.

We all had a great time with this topic, seemed you all enjoyed it.

To be continued…


See Sadie West doing her damndest in her Naughty Bookworms scene!


Trina Michaels Does Anyone to Please Her Fans

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Trina Michaels is always up to get fucked hard.

Trina Michaels says she’s much more selective in real life than she is on the set.

She says this is because sometimes her fans’ tastes don’t exactly line up with her tastes but she doesn’t mind.

In her mind, work comes first and her fans are her work and passion that go hand in hand. She sees no point in passing up on a a potential work buddy when they have shown they have the right stuff. Trina claims she cares about creating the best porno ever seen, and it shows.

From what I can gather, she’s doing a splendid job at what she does.

A couple of of Trina’s Naughty America fans are saying, "Trina is the SHIZZ!!!" and "Trina is the sexiest blonde ever|one hot piece of ass|one sexy little bitch".

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Here’s Trina Michaels in her most recent scene, Housewife 1on1



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Porn Star Ava Devine looks hot in her lingerie.

We finished up our so called top of the week this afternoon on Live with Lauren. Here’s what we came up with;

Nibbling on your woman is fine but creating full-on hickeys is a huge FAIL! "They" said that talking naughty is a mistake, you’re actually muffing it up even more if you talk dirty….next!

Moving all around when muff diving was on the menu of what you shouldn’t do, but we all totally disagreed.

Don’t bust out the video cam unless it’s HER that brings it up unless she is totally comfortable with it.

"They" said it’s if you look for her prostate. First of all, chicks don’t have a prostate but it still is a killer feeling when men do their damnest to find one!

The final issue on tap was saying thanks to her. We were all in agreement that thanking her would be a nice gesture. If you had fun, say ‘thanks’, it’s the polite thing to do.

I hope you all enjoyed our topic of the week, it was a blast to talk openly about!

Check us out next week, we’ll have another intriguing topic of discussion, surely.

Have a sweet weekend!


"They" refer to the members who get to interact with the stars and staff of Naughty America. If you don’t yet have access, sign up now and be a part of the largest adult network in the world!

Below is a sample of a MILF who has been getting guys off for as long as masturbation has been in the English language. The infamous,, Ava Devine!


Madison Ivy Has A Potty Mouth

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Madison Ivy looking so sexy…

Madison Ivy has been the highlight of Naughty America since she starred in the very first Naughty Rich Girls scene.

get the chance to ask her anything they can come up with on LIVE with Lauren and and be as personal as they wish on LIVE.

Madison is already quite active within the Naughty America member communities and interacts with members quite a lot.

She’s got quite the fiery attitude on her and she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind earning her a notorious reputation on the forums.

One of our members, BigBenn says "Madison I am so in love with you it’s disgusting", while MrItaly says, "I like her her petite body, sensual face, and her really naughty language!".

What will excite you most about Madison?

Check her out and chat with her LIVE in Live Naughty Secretary, Live Naughty Student and Live Party Girl today.

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