How to Get Laid


The age-old question is finally answered with some help from Mason Storm in her new Naughty Office scene. Follow these steps and you can go be the super stud you were meant to be!!


1) Be Prepared

If you want to get laid, now is the time. Tuck in your shirt. Comb your hair and look presentable. The woman of your dreams (for tonight) probably won’t want to go home with the T-shirt-and-jeans guy. It’s all about first impressions, so make it count!


2) Survey the Scene

Now that you’re looking dapper, it’s time to focus. Find the girl who is by herself or bored with her company. The best thing you can do is to read her body language. If she’s not interested in what she’s doing, make her interested in you.


3) Act NOW

As the old saying goes: he who hesitates masturbates. Before that lame voice in your head talks you out of it, go over and say hi. If you’re shy you can say good-bye to your next conquest.


4) Make Her Like You

Now that you’ve said hi and hopefully introduced yourself, keep the conversation going. Say something smart, compliment her or tell a joke. The key to success is face time. The more you can talk with her, the better your chances to get in her pants.


5) See Yourself Doin’ It

We all know where nice guys finish – last. Getting laid is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Girls want guys who know (right or wrong) that they’ll get laid. While you schmooze her, always remember your objective: getting her in the sack.


6) Never Say Never

Always stay optimistic. If she says no, who cares?!? There are plenty of horny girls who need to get laid, and you’ll be the one to do the laying as long as you follow these simple steps. Remember that this is a game, so have fun!!


**If you follow these steps, there’s a damn good chance you’ll be spending the evening doing the horizontal mambo.**