Alanah's Augmentation


Alanah Rae is back and bustier than ever. She went under the knife to enhance her already shapely breasts and came out on top.


Many guys wonder why girls do this sort of thing. Over on the forums, it looks like some members weren’t too happy with the move.

Alanah’s thread at the Naughty Country Club

But I gotta say, if she wanted them, what’s the big deal? There’s just more of her to enjoy!!


Sure her breasts are different but it’s still the same Alanah who whooped Christian into shape in My Sister’s Hot friend, the same Alanah who got away with plagiarism in Naughty Bookworms and the same Alanah who seduced her coach in Naughty Athletics.

Before this goes any further, here is a before and after of Alanah:

before after1

All I’m saying is don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. This is a POV scene and a perfect medium for Alanah to introduce her new breasts to the rest of the world.


Yes there is something great about natural breasts. No one can deny that. Give this new set a chance; I’m sure it’ll grow on you.