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Phoenix the MILF??

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Seems like a lot of people at a lot of places consider Phoenix Marie a MILF. To me this doesn’t make sense.
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How to Get Laid

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The age-old question is finally answered with some help from Mason Storm in her new Naughty Office scene. Follow these steps and you can go be the super stud you were meant to be!!

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Take a Break

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Like playing computer games?

Tired of playing solitaire and the other games that came installed on your PC or OS?

Head on over to Naughty America Games.

These flash games provide hours of fun. You can play strip poker with Alexis Love or Tia Ling. It’s almost unfair because you never have to take anything off, unless of course you want to.

My personal favorite is Big Load Alley. Here, you have to shoot your load on as many girls as possible. Be careful, though, there are dudes hiding there, too. Drop a load on them, and you might have some issues to sort out.

Or try a fun mammary game, where you have to match the rack with the girl. This one might be the most challenging of the lot. It sounds simple enough, but what you think and what you see are often two different things.

There are more games, but it’s better to just try them all out for yourself. Enjoy! And if you have any comments, as always, post below.


Alanah's Augmentation

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Alanah Rae is back and bustier than ever. She went under the knife to enhance her already shapely breasts and came out on top.

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Sara’s Got Something to Tell You

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It’s Friday the 13th again. This year there will be three of them. (Don’t all good things come in threes?) In observance of one of America’s most hallowed traditions, Sara Stone is back in her third scene since coming out of retirement.  

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Public Service Announcement

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There is a new threat facing porn sets the world over.

At first it was nothing to worry about.

But this new threat could destroy good, wholesome, adult-entertainment.

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Take Note

Posted by nablogger

Here are some behind-the-scene pics of the lovely ladies you’ll see this week and what sites they’ll be on:

Heidi Mayne does her little dance on a brass pole in H1on1. This is teasing at its finest.

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Foxy Americans

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It looks like Fox News is doing their best to help spread the word that America is a Naughty land. While I appreciate their attempt, they’re still the new kids on the block and have a ways to go.

We’ll let Fox debate whether or not Paris Hilton is a “Great American” and agree that she and Ashli Hart are definitely Naughty Americans.  Below are some photos of Ashli stretching before her Sister’s Hot Friend scene.

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How to Nail the Interview

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Today we have Abbey Brooks, newbie Ky Noelle, Rocco Reed and the crew to demonstrate how to land your dream job.

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Monday's MILF Lesson

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What makes a feminist? What makes a feminist modern?  Mason Storm and Ashli Orion answer these questions in their new My First Sex Teacher scene.

Yes, this is porn addressing women’s issues and having fun while doing it.

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