Falling Behind


At one time or another, I’m sure you’ve felt behind in your work. That’s what’s happening now. With so much going on and every new task being as urgent as the next, there isn’t enough time in the day anymore.

So I declare today Falling Behind Thursday, and to celebrate, every update features the model using her behind to get what she wants.

First up is Alexis Golden in a Seduced by a Cougar scene. This is the first cougar scene in a bar in a while. But it’s great to see a cougar in one of her natural hunting environments.

side boob roxxx

It doesn’t get much better than side boob.

ginger soft

Then we have the legendary Ginger Lynn as the boss’s wife in Naughty Office. Instead of dictating all of the action (like she did in My First Sex Teacher), Ginger let’s her lucky employee have his way with her.

don't try this at home      whats-so-funny

He can do anything he wants to any of her holes. This is some seriously hot action…


Finally, there is the beautiful and exotic Nadia Styles. This is an older scene shot back in 2007, when the working title was “I’m a Married Man“.  I think “I Have a Wife” just has a nicer ring to it.


Take my advice, watch any (or all) of these scenes and you’ll be able to get back to work refreshed and focused… I was.