Lisa Ann and Sativa Rose Heat-up the Office


We’ve all thought about it – having sex at a place of work and toil. It just makes sense: interacting and seeing the same people day after day creates certain tensions we can’t ignore. Let’s see how a hot Latina like Sativa Rose and the world’s favorite MILF, Lisa Ann, handle the situation…

Part 1: The Set-Up

that's the camera guy with Sativa lisa-on-desk

Sativa invites her boyfriend to the office for a little afternoon delight. But Sativa doesn’t use her office, that’s not taboo enough, so she sneaks into her boss’s office to give him a blow job. It’s when Lisa Ann returns from lunch that she discovers her employee going to town on her boyfriend.

Part 2: The Conflict


As you can imagine, Lisa isn’t happy to find one of her employees slacking off on the job. But she is happy to find that Sativa’s boyfriend (aptly played by Billy Glide) is packing some serious heat. Since Lisa found them half nude, she feels she should be allowed to sample the young man’s wares. But Sativa isn’t having it. Feeling betrayed, Lisa delivers an ultimatum to Sativa: either share your boyfriend or look for another job.

Part 3: Conflict Resolution


Negotiating a deal is never easy and sometimes it takes split-second decisions you might feel uncomfortable making. But they need to be made. Sativa conceded her position, but she was able to find a few more thrilling positions that benefited all of the parties involved. In the end, Sativa keeps her job, Lisa gets what she wants and Billy has sex with two beautiful women. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Part 4: Moral of the Story


Indulge your fantasies. They make the world a better, more creative place. And if you act on them, things might just work out. Remember, if you get caught giving or receiving a blow job at work, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll end up in a threesome.