Last Exit to Brooklyn Night


If you’re a leg man, you’re gonna love Brooklyn Night’s new scene…

At first I thought she was new and this was going to be one of her first scenes anywhere. … Then I did a quick search in the NA library and found a Latina girl who simply went by the name “Brooklyn.”

The Brooklyn in the 2005 Latin Adultery scene was a brunette and talked a lot more than Brooklyn Night in this office scene. But I let the video stream a bit more to see if there were any tattoos they had in common.

BAM, … on her shoulders, the back of them, she has two tattoos. Mystery solved.  Then you start to see it in the eyes…


Now back to the leg comment. By no stretch of the imagination do I think the home video style is perfect. There might only be three or four I have downloaded after QC’ing. I have Alexis Texas, Jennifer Steele and Mika Tan, for sure. Now Brooklyn is about to make this exclusive list.



There is only one camera angle throughout the scene, but it’s a good one. You can see great penetration shots, minimal man ass and Brooklyn’s legs and ass are featured heavily the entire time. Throw in some sweet booty shaking in two non-consecutive sequences and I am a happy man.

Oh … best part: she looks right into the camera when she’s getting fucked doggy style. I always wonder what a girl’s facial expressions look like when they don’t have to turn around to look at you (or a camera).



I just hope we don’t have to wait almost three years before she does another scene.