Dentists and Daydreams


There is nothing more dreadful than having to go to the dentist’s office. I was just there on Tuesday and had a wisdom tooth pulled – painful stuff. But the dentist has an attractive assistant, and me being a guy, I started using my imagination.

But I wondered if there was any proof anyone else did too. And then I found it with the help of Leopard J. Ferry and Bobby Fairfield III. I went over to the revamped Naughty American and found a couple of fantasies people actually lived out.

The first one I found involved a hot dental assistant convincing her husband to fuck her in the dentist’s office. Ha! This was a chick’s fantasy, which is hot in itself, but I wanted to know where another guy was coming from.

Then I read one where the dentist (a dude) drilled one of his assistants. Now this is what I was looking for. This is the story of two adults in a professional setting who just needed to relieve built-up sexual tension.

It happens all the time: take today’s Naughty Office update. Charisma Cappelli has to OK a new futon, but wants to know how durable it is, so she fucks her employee to test it out. (It sure does look strong: see below:)


The point is, people have fantasies anywhere and everywhere. And too often people ignore them or forget about them. That’s why I’m glad something like The Naughty American is around: it’s a valuable collection of people’s fantasies. Check it out and don’t be surprised if you lose an hour or two…