How to Shoot POV

One of the hottest ways to shoot anything (especially adult entertainment) is from the first person point of view (POV). And here is your insider’s guide to behind the scenes on POV shoots:

Step 1: Get a hot idea. … This can happen anywhere. For today, we’re going to concentrate on Naughty with your co-workers and teachers.

Step 2: Find some hot female talent. You need a model who is confident, able to convey a fantasy and can carry the dialogue. Even though it takes two to tango … it is a one woman show. As you can see, we are in no short supply of hot ladies when Diamond Jackson and Madison James come out to play.

Step 3: Find an appropriate setting. We have sets that are accurate re-creations of a classroom and office. If you set the mood, you’re almost half way there.

Step 4: Find a crew you know can get the job done. This includes: sound and lighting people, and most importantly, a camera operator. And to get up close and personal, you can’t be afraid of heights.

Step 5: Have a director with a passion for the material. Here we see Tommy reliving his days as a stud and using something (I can’t tell what it is) as a phallus.

Step 6: Do thorough editing. After the tape is sent to the post production house, it’s cut by skillful editors. Then it’s off to the web technicians to upload for your viewing pleasure.

With these simple steps, you’re on your way to having a Naughty POV scene.