Test Drive Naughty America for Only 99 Cents!

Take Naughty America for a Test Drive!

Naughty America is rolling out its “99¢ Test Drive” promotion for anyone who’s thinking about purchasing a full membership at Naughty America.

Beginning today, and for a limited time, anyone can pay just 99¢ and take Naughty America for a spin.

Speaking of test drives, who buys a car without test driving it these days? No one. I’ve bought two cars in my lifetime and each time I took them out for a little spin. I remember the first car I bought, back in 1990, an ’86 Volkswagen Golf. The woman who sold it to me was this hot, chain smoking brunette who wore a short skirt. Her legs were fantastic and, by jove, I fantasized about taking her for a test drive. But she wasn’t part of the deal.

The two of us drove around in that little Golf like we were a couple. We motored on the highway, then zipped along on some winding country roads. We lived a lifetime in those two or three test drives. Then I never saw her again.

At Naughty America we’re with you the whole way. Like the “99¢ Test Drive”? Sign up for a full membership. You get the fantasies and your favorite women for as long as you like.