I Heart Cherry and Jasmine

Before there was the Halloween Party, there was the calm. And that day, Laura took me and Motorboatme on location for our first time. That’s where we popped our porn cherry with Cherry Feretti and Jasmine Jolie

It’s not every day I get to hang out with porn stars. And it’s not what you would expect. While Jasmine was doing her scene, I had the chance to talk with Cherry. She’s one of the nicest and most open-minded people I’ve ever met.

She didn’t mind talking about anything with me. And she wasn’t just interested in talking about herself, either. She was interested in me and Naughty America, too. We didn’t have much time to spend together since there were tandem shoots happening, so we both understood we had limited time to get comfortable. I was so nervous just showing up in the house and seeing what was going on, I told Cherry I was nervous for her. She calmed me down. She said even though she hadn’t slept with a man in almost a year, she didn’t feel nervous (aside from a few pre-performance butterflies in her stomach). I was in awe. Cherry is a natural and it comes across in her bookworm/home video scene.

Then it was time for Cherry to do her thing. And I was feeling lonely. Who to the rescue but the beautiful Jasmine Jolie? I’m not gonna lie, she’s one of those really hot girls you see somewhere and just write off because you know you’d never have a chance. But as I was watching some Monday Night Football, she sat down next to me on the couch!!!

We exchanged polite greetings and then she asked me who I was rooting for. Really… you like football? And we just started talking football. Jasmine is originally from San Diego, so naturally she is a Chargers fan. But then she went on to say she was a Cowboys fan because her grandmother lives in Dallas. Then her ride arrived and she tip-toed away so as not to disturb Cherry’s scene. It was a night I will never forget.