Slamin Holly Sampson

In the smoggy hills of the San Fernando Valley lies one of the most dangerous creatures in North America. I’m speaking about the cougar, a tight-bodied older woman whose sole purpose is to find no-strings-attached sex with younger males. Elusive and cunning, the consummate aggressor is playing the games any big cat likes to play(Enough of the Discovery Channel narration)

And for a woman to reach cougar status, she must be of a certain age. But Holly Sampson is the exception that proves the rule.

I was under the impression cougars only realized their sexual prowess later than sooner in life. And for the most part I was right, until now. Holly Sampson has been a cougar on the prowl since 1989.

No, she’s not that old she started stalking younger guys when she was a teenager. In a two-part episode of “The Wonder Years”, Holly (who played the part of Teri) was Kevin Arnold’s summer squeeze (the youtube link). Go check out Wikipedia and IMDB; it’s all right there.

But Holly in this week’s Seduced by a Cougar, Holly is all grown up and horny as hell when she gets her claws into a friend’s nephew.

I never had the chance to make it with one of my aunt’s friends, but I definitely had that fantasy. I grew up knowing my aunt was cool. She was the one who introduced me to good music and good food, and eventually good drink. But I always wondered if my aunt’s hot friends were as cool as her. I know my aunt wouldn’t rat me out to my parents, but would one of her friends really go all the way with me??? After watching this scene, I’m pretty sure I had a chance…