Alexis Texas' Sex Tape

Everyone who is anyone has a sex tape to their credit. From Pamela Anderson to Paris Hilton to even Screech, filming yourself having sex has become a right of passage for many. But porn celebs haven’t received their long overdue credit, until now.

Enter the one-and-only Alexis Texas. We have this booty-licious babe’s first amateur sex tape.

The lucky guy in the glitter-Texas shirt is her boyfriend, Pete. Since they’re both in the same line of work, it’s almost natural they would make a tape. But you never hear about porn celebs and their private collections. Is it any less naughty for those who have sex on camera to have a sex life outside of it? No.

If anything, this is by far the best sex tape out there right now. Alexis and Pete are professionals enjoying themselves. It’s kinda like seeing Joe Montana and Joe Namath toss around the pigskin on a Sunday afternoon in a quiet park. Something like that could draw a crowd of 1000′s. But they’d do it because of their love for the game, crowd or no crowd.

And that’s what has happened here. Two of the adult entertainment industry’s top performers took the day off and did what they love to do: fuck. And they didn’t do it in front of a crew or extras or producers. They did it in their bed, by themselves and for themselves.

Of course we couldn’t let something like this go without documentation. So before the cameras started rolling, we got a couple of pictures of the happy couple:

I think their smiles say it all…