So Real They're Unreal

Since I started working here, I’ve developed the ability to tell the difference between real and real expensive boobs. But this week’s 2 Chicks Same Time has me scratching my head.

That’s because we have two girls who leave you dumbfounded. Riley Evans and London Keys have tits that are so perfect and natural that you wonder why doctors even try to mimic the real thing.

First up is Riley Evans. Looking at this girl kind of gives me the chills, in a really good way. That bright blonde hair framing her beautiful face and stark blue eyes can really drive a guy wild. (But give her a minute: she’s busy.)

Then there is the brand-spanking new London Keys. This half-Japanese half-Caucasian brunette has to be one of the hottest girls we’ve had the pleasure of working with for quite a while. Her piercings and tattoos let us know that she’s not afraid to live on the edge.

You might ask yourself… why is this scene different? The beauty of this scene comes down to the simple fact that it is building off of previous scenes. It has that feel of “hey, that could be me”.

I’ve never had the chance to room with two chicks, but I can identify all the same. If one roommate is never there, you assume they’ll be cool with whatever is going on at your place. But when they finally come home, they get pissed off because something’s different.

That’s what happens in this scene. But then there’s a naughty twist that pulls you in. This guy’s roommates are girlfriends too. How fucking hot is that? And then they want to show him how serious they are, so they make out on the couch before they let him join in.

Not many of us will ever have this happen to us in real life, but watching this scene will make you believe that just maybe, it could. And it felt so real that it was unreal.