Coming Together

Sometimes you go to a party where you know only one or two people. Your friend tells you these other friends are great and you’ll fit right in. (Sure, whatever you say.) We’ve all heard it before and been burned by strangers doing what they do best: acting strange. But leave it to sexy, funny and charming girls like Holly West and Lexi Belle to defy expectations and challenge preconceived notions about strangers and parties.

The first girl on set was Lexi. She was already wearing her cuddle bear costume when Laura, Motorboatme and I arrived. Never one to shy away from the camera, Lexi was all ready to have her picture taken…

But it wouldn’t be a party if it was all work and no play…

Chris Johnson is indulging his sweet tooth!!

But the fun had just begun when Holly West arrived… She was sporting her sheriff costume complete with fishnets and tie. I just wish she would have used some handcuffs on me…

And because it’s Halloween, here’s a treat… Go on, reach out and touch someone!!!

Holly always knows how to please. Putting on make-up never looked so good. (Your jaws can drop now)

Holly, Brooke and Motorboatme have a minute to come together and snap this keeper!

I know this was a Halloween party but Christmas came early!!!! Everyone was having such a great time, even the crew had join the fun…

From all of us at Naughty America, have a happy and safe Halloween!