The Devil Inside

Halloween is usually the time people exercise their demons and breathe a collective sigh of relief at all things that normally frighten and mortify us. But Phoenix Marie and Madelyn Marie couldn’t wait to put Danny “The Devil” Mountain inside of them.

Of course people don’t just show up at a house and have sex. That’s not naughty, it’s just fake. So we understand why Madelyn Marie appears a little shy in this shot. But she still looks damn sexy in her Dorothy outfit….

On the other end of the spectrum, Phoenix Marie is as cheeky as ever especially when she dresses up as a naughty nurse. I heard she enjoys getting her temperature the old fashioned way.

No one was sure if Danny was going to show up, so we needed to find a replacement and quick. Since I was technically working, I volunteered my services in any way that would help the party kick into high gear. There’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. To date, this was the best day of work EVER!!!!

Yeah, that’s me in between two of the hottest women on the planet. Growing up, I always kind of felt like Napoleon Dynamite. In high school, I wasn’t necessarily popular and president of the debate club: not really stud material. But look at me now. All those haters can eat their words…

Here’s a couple more behind the scenes treats for you to enjoy!!!

I love picture in picture.

I know they know that’s not what you’re supposed to do with a pool table.