Tory Lane Strikes Again

Yes, you are correct. That is the one and only Tory Lane sitting in a make-up chair. After seeing her live chats and past scenes, I didn’t think she could sit in one spot long enough to get make-up put on her.

Tory embraces everything I love about this business. She’s in a bunch of scenes (including some great ones here), she’s been doing it longer than most girls stay around, and most importantly, she’s enthusiastic in every scene I’ve seen her in. Never once do you ever have the feeling that she is phoning it in. I don’t think she could if she wanted to. She’s loud and proud and her enthusiasm is infectious.

And then there was the shoot. You’ll see Tory up to her old Hijinks again this time with Charles Dera. She’s playing the sister of his fiancĂ© and seduces him before he even has a chance to say no. Some people were born to play certain roles and Tory is doing just that in this scene.

I’d look into the mirror like that every day if I had boobs like those. But that tattoo is rockin.

She’s not calling you, she’s calling me!!!