Calling all Naughty Americans!

Well, actually, I should say “potential naughty Americans,” since we’re leaving it up to you to determine who’s naughty and who isn’t!
That’s right. The Naughty American is letting you decide who in America is truly naughty! Read the real-life stories sent to us from people like you around the country, and tell us which one you think is naughty – or not!
And we want your stories, too! They can be about any experience that you think was naughty – from a wild romp you had on a mountain top, to the time you paid your expensive cable bill in pennies.
Send us your story and it’ll on www.thenaughtyamerican.com, where readers will then get the chance to deem you officially naughty. If we publish your story, we’ll give you a free Naughty America T-shirt!
And don’t worry about your name … we won’t let the cat out of the bag. If you want to stay anonymous, just make sure you use a different name.
So, think about that naughty experience you had last year (or this morning!) and write it up and e-mail it to editor@thenaughtyamerican.com. But make sure it’s good, because there’s tons of competition!