Lexi, see you in 2-3 business days.

I don’t know what is is, but Lexi Belle is really hot lately.  Don’t get me wrong, Lexi has always been very pretty and cute, but damn, she looked so hot on set with us yesterday!  I couldn’t help but post a bunch of her pics.  Did you know that Lexi shot her FIRST, yes her FIRST boy-girl scene ever with us in 2006?  She still maintains that sweet and innocent fasade, but her look has definitely evolved into super hot leading lady status. 

*Please note the expression on Jay Crew (her co-star’s) face.  At that angle, I would probably have as much joy written on my face as he does, I mean just look at her, she has a flawless body!

Lexi, it looks like our Production Manager on set got my specific instructions to pack and ship you down to San Diego for me! Yaay! See you in 2-3 business days!

Wait a minute, what are you doing out of the suitcase, did you drop your pocket?  Don’t worry, Tommy will help you find it!

I have yet to watch her recent scene with Carolyn Reese on 2CST  - I love Carolyn and the pairing of the two girls is going to be really hot, I can’t believe I haven’t watched this update yet! 

Speaking of super hot girls, Andi Heart was on set with us yesterday too!  Some of you may have been lucky enough to catch her on the webcam recently.  I think Andi is really cute because she has such a unique look to her face with her big doe eyes and plump lips.  Seriously, wait until you guys see the pics from her scene, you will really see what I’m talking about. Here she is with Dave, one of our sound techs on set, attentively listening to scene direction.

Did I mention her boobs are awesome too?  She looks really hot in that blue lacy bra and mini skirt, although I don’t understand why Dane Cross (her co-star) appears to be resting his arm on her face??  Hmm, whatever floats your boat, right? :)

In my opinion, today was a triumph on set.  I am really looking forward to watching Andi’s first scene with us because she looked so hot on the webcam.  And I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel about Lexi Belle now :) .  Since I went out last Thirsty Thursday, I think I am going to keep it chill tonight, maybe cook some yummi enchilada’s, maybe head to the Home Depot or possibly Bed Bath and Beyond.  Ya know, a nice little Thursday evening :) .  P.S. I’m really excited that Janet Mason stopped by our humble little blog, maybe I can even get her to hang out at our Country Club. Well, until next time, stay classy Naughty Americans and thanks for stopping by. lol. I love Anchor Man – “it’s hot! milk was a bad choice”